Installation of New Canons

Fr Oliver Freney and Fr Tom Boyle will be installed as new Canons on 17th March.

Fr Freney and Fr Boyle went to seminary in Thurles College, Ireland. To reflect this, they will be robed on the Feast of St Patrick, Friday 17th March, in our Cathedral.

Bishop Keenan said the appointments were “well deserved for sterling service to the people and diocese of Paisley. Well done both.”

The new Canons will be installed at a Mass in St Mirin’s Cathedral at 7pm. All are welcome.


Code of Canon Law, Canon 503:

A chapter of canons, whether cathedral or collegial, is a college of priests which performs more solemn liturgical functions in a cathedral or collegial church. In addition, it is for the cathedral chapter to fulfil the functions which the law or the diocesan bishop entrusts to it.

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