e bulletin – 18th Sunday Year C


St John the Evangelist: Collections:                            St Thomas the Apostle: Collections

First GA £328.50 NGA £751.93                                    First GA £30.00. NGA: £218.29

Monthly Standing Orders: £3,818.00                          Monthly Standing Order £2990.00

Building Fund GA £91.00                                               Monthly Building F GA £11.00

St Anthony £39.62                                                          St Anthony £60.74

St Patrick’s Missionary Appeal £2036.44


St Johns Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Summer Programme:

There is Adoration in the Church from 10.30 am – 1.00 pm each weekday, Mondays – Fridays. (not Thursdays)


Change to weekly Mass Times for Summer.

St Johns: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 10am.

St Thomas: Tues & Thurs at 10am.


St Michael Statue: The St Michael Statue has arrived and remains with us until this Wednesday 3rd Aug. Please place petitions in the Petition box before the statue. Prayer cards are available in the porch along with a Consecration & Novena Prayer. We will pray the Consecration Prayer after each Mass.

On Tuesday the 2nd August there will be a service at 7pm to conclude the St Michael Statue visit.


Funerals in St Johns: Freda Harkins on Wed 3rd Aug at 10am and Julia Ann Ferguson on Fri 5th Aug at 10am.


First Friday Mass in St Johns (5th August). There will be also an evening Mass at 7pm.


First Friday Children’s Rosary in St Johns: This Friday at 6.30pm. This is an opportunity, for children of all ages to gather together to pray the rosary. All families are invited to attend and pre- school children are very welcome. The idea is that children as young as 4 or 5 and up to around 14 can learn to lead the rosary and make the rosary part of their daily lives. The rosary only lasts around 15 minutes. Please contact Lesley Ward if you need any further information (lesley@giffnockwards.co.uk 07910266821).


St Thomas Drop in: Starting this Thursday the 4th of August, you can drop in for a tea/coffee/juice and biscuits/scones from 11am until 2pm to St Thomas Hall. This will continue each Thursday at the same time. If you would like to know more or would like to volunteer please see one of the brothers/sisters of St Thomas SSVDP Conference.


Safe Access (Abortion Services) Scotland Bill Consultation: Please see below an opportunity to take part in a consultation on the proposed bill to introduce buffer zones around healthcare facilities that provide abortion services. The consultation has been sent to us by the Scottish Government to send on to any groups or individuals who would like to comment on the proposals.  You can complete the consultation online at https://www.bufferzones.scot/consultation  You can also fill in the form and return via email or post. The form is found at the end of the consultation document below.  https://www.parliament.scot/-/media/files/legislation/proposed-members-bills/abortion-services-safe-access-zones-consultation-document_final.pdf


Please take the time to complete this and also as individuals. There is now available an SPUC Guide to responding to this consultation. You can uplift one from the porch. Deadline for Consultation is 11.59pm Thurs 11th August.


Young Adults (18-30) Fr Mc Jamie Mc Morrin will speak on the Holy Spirit on Wednesday 31st August at 7pm in St Mirin’s Cathedral and will be followed by Benediction. Afterwards there is an opportunity to socialise over drinks.


St Johns/St Thomas My Paya Hub: You can now use the QR Codes to make your weekly offering to God and for the upkeep of the Parish. Available in the porches. Thank you for all your financial support.


We pray for those who have died recently: Julia Ann Ferguson, Freda Harkins, Charlie Mc Ginley, and for the Anniversaries of John Byrne, Margaret Carroll, Eileen Chadwick, James Devenny Jnr, James Goldie Snr, Nancy Goldie, Mary Elizabeth Gribbon, George Howell, John Hughes, Annie & John Lawson, Agnes Major, Margaret Morton, Catherine Mc Laughlin, Malcolm & Molly Rosss, Violet Walker. Canon Thomas J. Cunningham (2011)






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