e bulletin – 19th Sunday Year C

St John the Evangelist: Collections:                            St Thomas the Apostle: Collections

First GA £507.75 NGA £804.27                                     First GA £65.00 NGA: £134.71

Monthly Standing Orders: £3,818.00                          Monthly Standing Order £2990.00

Building Fund GA £83.00                                               Monthly Building F GA £40.00

St Anthony £53.45                                                          St Anthony £41.21

This weekend Second Collection: Monthly Building Fund


St Johns Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Summer Programme:

There is Adoration in the Church from 10.30 am – 1.00 pm each weekday, Mondays – Fridays. (not Thursdays)


Change to weekly Mass Times for Summer.

St Johns: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 10am.

St Thomas: Tues & Thurs at 10am.


Pilgrimage: St Mirin’s Cathedral Parish are considering taking a coach to the Annual Pilgrimage in honour of Venerable Margaret Sinclair at St Patrick’s Church, Edinburgh on Sun 18th September departing from St Mirin’s Cathedral at 12.30pm. There is Adoration, Rosary, Confession followed by Holy Mass at 4.30pm with prayers for her Beatification. Departure approx 6pm.  Cost will be £5-10 per person.  Email stmirinscathedral@rcdop.org.uk.


St Thomas Drop in:  You can drop in for a tea/coffee/juice and biscuits/scones, and for a chat from 11am until 2pm at St Thomas Hall every Thursday. To volunteer as a helper, see one of the brothers/sisters of the SSVDP.


Safe Access (Abortion Services) Scotland Bill Consultation:   You can complete the consultation online at https://www.bufferzones.scot/consultation  You can also fill in the form and return via email or post.  https://www.parliament.scot/-/media/files/legislation/proposed-members-bills/abortion-services-safe-access-zones-consultation-document_final.pdf Available an SPUC Guide to responding to this consultation. You can uplift one from the porch.Deadline for Consultation is 11.59pm Thurs 11th August.


Young Adults (18-30) Fr Jamie Mc Morrin will speak on the Holy Spirit on Wednesday 31st August at 7pm in St Mirin’s Cathedral and will be followed by Benediction. Afterwards there is an opportunity to socialise over drinks.


St Johns/St Thomas My Paya Hub: You can now use the QR Codes to make your weekly offering to God and for the upkeep of the Parish. Available in the porches. Thank you for all your financial support.


Beginning Experience: For those, suffering bereavement through divorce, separation or widowhood from 30th Sept- 2nd October at Conforti House, Coatbridge. Call 0131 665 3383 0r email beginningexperiencescotland@hotmail.com .


100 Club Winners St Johns: 1st. Maureen Davidson No 102. 2nd. Ase Smith No 115. 3rd A & M B Mc Nee No 77.

4th M. Coffield No 98. 5th W & J Sinclair No 149


March for Life UK 2022: Join Bishop John on coach departing midnight Fri 2 September from St Mirin’s Cathedral with a pickup 12.30am at Glasgow St. Andrew’s Cathedral and 2.00am at Gretna. Arrive in London 7.30am Sat 3 September for the Exhibition, Mass, talks and stall. Depart Sat evening, approx. 6:00pm, Drop offs at Gretna, Glasgow and Paisley. £30pp. For tickets please register https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/march-for-life-uk-2022-london-saturday-3-september-tickets-395988230457


Diocesan Day for Children’s Liturgy Groups- Saturday 20th August: The Diocesan Liturgy Commission will host a day aimed at supporting Children Liturgy groups in our parishes. The day starts with tea and registration at 11.15am, followed by talks from 11.30am onwards. The day will end at 2.30pm. There will be a series of talks on family engagement, the experience of a parish group, a look at resources, and information on safeguarding.

Lunch will be provided. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please bring your own packed lunch.

We pray for those who have died recently: Hyacinth Brogan,  Joseph Hailey, Hugh Mc Kendrick, Jean Murdoch and for the Anniversaries of  Christina Beck , Patricia Campbell, Simon Carr, James Harris Devine, Thomas Donegan, John Gillan, Alex Lafferty, Margaret Mooney, James Mc Guire, Pat Mc Garrigle, Robert Mc Hale, George Mc Lean, May Mc Master, John Wilson, Catherine Wood.






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