E bulletin – 3rd Sunday Year C

St John the Evangelist: Collections:                                St Thomas the Apostle: Collections

First GA £410.10   NGA £401.82                                       First GA £ NGA: £140.00 NGA £96.98

Monthly Standing Orders: £3,818.00                              Monthly Standing Orders: £ 2,990.00

Monthly Building Fund GA £127.00 NGA£174.01         Monthly Building F GA £290.00 NGA £89.96

St Anthony’s Box: £44.81                                                   St Anthony’s Box £17.81

Justice & Peace GA £32.20                                                 Justice & Peace GA £45.00


Second Collection weekend: Sick & Retired Priests of the Diocese.


200 Club St Thomas: It is not too late to re-join or join for 2022. First draw won’t take place until weekend of either 30th Jan or 6th Feb.


Divine Mercy Monthly Devotions: Holy Mass at 7 p.m, followed by Adoration on Wednesday 26th January which will in St Mary’s Church, 163 George Street, Paisley. These devotions will be held on the last Wednesday of every month so please put a note in your diary (please note there will be no Divine Mercy Mass in the months of July, August and December)


Diocesan Priesthood: Thinking about Diocesan Priesthood in 2022? The Catholic Church in Scotland is now inviting enquiries from those considering applying for seminary. For more information please contact Fr. John Morrison tel: 01418895056 or email vocations@rcdop.org.uk


Family Planning-God’s Way- Nature’s Way: www.fertilitycare.org.uk: The Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Fertility Regulation is very helpful for couples having difficulty conceiving and 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy with no side effects.


Would you like to join our Diocesan Choir?  Rehearsals begin on the 27th January, at 7pm in St Mirin’s Cathedral. Contact our Diocesan Director of Music, Michael, at director.music@rcdop.org.uk confirming your attendance.


Young Adults (18-30):  Conor and Naomi Gildea will speak on The Sacrament of Matrimony from 7pm in St Mirin’s Cathedral this Wednesday 26th Jan. The event is preceded by Holy Mass at 6pm and followed by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction. The opportunity to meet for drinks after our event is subject to restrictions. Connect with us, on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).


SYNOD 2023 Responses. Pope Francis has invited All Catholics to express their dreams, ideas and concerns in preparation for the Synod of Bishops in 2023. The pope’s invitation to discern a path forward for the church stems from his belief that the Holy Spirit inspires all members to be missionary disciples, sharing core Christian beliefs by going out to the world. The diocese wants to hear your views, and a consultation document with questions that may help direct your response can be found on www.rcdop.org.uk . All responses to Synod23@rcdop.org.uk before 8th April 2022. All responses will be acknowledged. The Parish Council will also discuss the Consultation Document.


Beginning Experience: Weekend for those experiencing Bereavement through divorce, separation or widowhood.  From 25th-27th March in St Mary’s Monastery, Kinnoull, Perth. Completed applications by 12th March. Call Catherine on 0131 665 3383 or email beginningexperiencescotland@hotmail.com  for details.

Funerals in St Johns: Tues 25th Jan, Marion Breen. Wed 26th Jan, William Drummond. Thurs Jan, 27th Agnes Preece.

Funeral for Fr Benny O’Keeffe: St Andrews, Greenock, at 12 Noon on Fri 28th Jan and internment in St Convals, Barrhead at 2pm.

We pray for those who have died recently: Marion Breen, William Drummond, Fr Benny O’Keeffe, Agnes Preece, Mary Carol Tamburrini, Joe Wilkinson and for the Anniversaries of Leonard Bradley, Mary Buchanan, Jim Casey, Elizabeth & John Connelly, Rose Gormlie, Reta Owens, Betty & Billy Mc Shane, Lex Shields, Annie Wylie, Alec Wylie, Sandra Wylie.


Diocesan Clergy Anniversaries: Fr. Kevin Whitty, (1955) Fr. Simon Keane (1951) Canon James M.

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