E bulletin – 2nd Sunday Year C

St John the Evangelist: Collections:                                St Thomas the Apostle: Collections

First GA £410.10   NGA £401.82                                       First GA £ NGA: £140.00 NGA £96.98

Monthly Standing Orders: £3,818.00                              Monthly Standing Orders: £ 2,990.00

Monthly Building Fund GA £127.00 NGA£174.01        Monthly Building F GA £290.00 NGA £89.96

St Anthony’s Box: £44.81                                                  St Anthony’s Box £17.81

Justice & Peace GA £32.20                                                Justice & Peace GA £45.00


St Margaret’s Children & Family Care Society: St Johns £424.83 & St Thomas £246.18 (Crib Collections)

St Anthony’s Box Collections for Dec: St Johns £ 256.74 & St Thomas £217.44. Monies sent to Marys Meals.


Second Collection next weekend: Sick & Retired Priests


Faith, Family and Fraternity: A Call to Service: Supporting our clergy, serving in our parishes, helping the needy and developing our personal and family faith with like- minded men.  If you are a man aged 16 or over, Province 1 of the KSC is recruiting in the Diocese just now. For more information on how to join Britain’s largest Catholic layman’s organisation, call John O’Donnell on 07854 886425 or email: pgk@glasgow.ksc.org.uk


Marriage and family webpage: The Diocese have a dedicated page on the website for Marriage and Family life. It contains a wealth of information, support and resources for many aspects of this important vocation. For more information please visit https://rcdop.org.uk/marriage-family-life-2


Online Marriage Counselling available during Covid 19 Crisis: Our Diocese has a Counselling Service for Catholics Married in the Catholic Church with our dedicated Catholic Marriage Counsellor. If you are concerned about your relationship and feel you are both unable to reach a conclusion alone, it is likely that you will benefit from marriage counselling.  The counsellor is there to maintain a neutral, non-judgmental position. counselling@rcdop.org.uk


Pro-Life Mass: The monthly Pro-Life Mass is on Wednesday 19th January at 7.30pm at Holy Cross, 113 Dixon Ave, G42 8ER. Adoration begins at 6.15pm. All welcome. The celebrant will be Mgr John Tormey.


Family Planning-God’s Way- Nature’s Way: www.fertilitycare.org.uk: The Billings Ovulation Method  of Natural Fertility Regulation is very helpful for couples having difficulty conceiving and 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy with no side effects.


Diocesan Priesthood: Thinking about Diocesan Priesthood in 2022? The Catholic Church in Scotland is now inviting enquiries from those considering applying for seminary. For more information please contact Fr. John Morrison tel: 01418895056 or email vocations@rcdop.org.uk


Would you like to join our Diocesan Choir?: The Diocesan Choir are starting their rehearsals on the 27th January, at 7pm in St Mirin’s Cathedral. If you are interested please contact our Diocesan Director of Music, Michael, at director.music@rcdop.org.ukconfirming your attendance.


Young Adults (18-30): Join us for our next event on Wednesday 26th January. Conor and Naomi Gildea will speak on The Sacrament of Matrimony from 7pm in St Mirin’s Cathedral. The event is preceded by Holy Mass at 6pm and followed by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction. The opportunity to meet for drinks after our event is subject to restrictions. More details will follow. To keep up to date with our schedule of events, connect with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).


We pray for those who have died recently: Marion Breen, Fr Jim Docherty, David Mc Donald,Tommy O’Neil, Joe Wilkinson, and for the Anniversaries of Ann Alford, Patrick Brady, Jim Brown, Margaret & Michael Campbell, Brain Corcoran, Desmond & Jane Coleman,  Mary Doyle, Maria Hannigan, Ethna Herbert, George Major, Bernadette Mowbray, Maureen Muldoon, Jean Mc Allister, Neil Mc Dade, Maria & Tommy O’Hara, Annie & John O’Neil,

Clergy Anniversaries :Canon John T. Earley, (1987) Fr. Thomas F. Ryan, (1997) Canon James Murphy, (2002)  Fr. Denis McKillop (1983) Fr. Hugh Heslin, Fr. Joseph Logue and Monsignor Francis Magauran


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