E bulletin – 4th Sunday of Advent – Year C

St John the Evangelist: Collections:                                St Thomas the Apostle: Collections

First GA £738.00   NGA £498.20                                       First GA £ NGA: £40.00 NGA £125.07

Monthly Standing Orders: £3,818.00                              Monthly Standing Orders: £ 2,990.00

Monthly Building Fund GA £102.00                                 Monthly Building F GA £60.00

St Anthony’s Box: £29.30                                                   St Anthony’s Box £38.28

Education GA £2.00


Obligation to attend Mass on Sundays/Holy Days of Obligation: This obligation will be re-instated from Sunday 2nd January 2022, the Solemnity of the Epiphany.


Christmas Masses St Johns: 24th Dec Vigil Mass 5.30pm. Midnight Mass (12). Christmas Morning 10am/ 11.30am.

 St Thomas. 24th Dec Vigil Masses 5pm, 7pm and Christmas Morning 10am.

St John’s Masses on Sunday 26th Dec: Feast of Holy Family. 10am, 11.30am, 5pm (No Sat Vigil, Christmas Day night) and the same for the following weekend, 2nd January Feast of the Epiphany 10am, 11.30am, 5pm (No Sat Vigil, 1st Jan, New Year’s Day night)

St Thomas’s Masses on Sunday 26th Dec: Feast of Holy Family.  8.30am, 10am (No Sat Vigil, Christmas Day night) and the same for following weekend, 2nd January Feast of the Epiphany 8.30am, 10am (No Sat Vigil 1st Jan, New Year’s Night)

Patronal Feast of St John the Evangelist: Mass at 10am to celebrate our Parish Patron.

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God 1st Jan: Both Parishes Masses at 10am. Both Parishes will be Consecrated to Our Blessed Mother.

Rorate Mass: This Wednesday 22nd Dec at 7.30am. The Mass is celebrated in candle light, beginning in darkness and ending as a new day dawns, and we await, Christ the Light of the world.

Assisted Suicide Public Consultation: https://www.spuc.org.uk/assisteddyingscotlandconsultation. The consultation is running until Wednesday 22 December 21. Please take time to complete.

Jesse Tree. The vouchers have been distributed to our local schools. Thank you for your generosity.


Gentle Reminder: Please continue to wear face-masks (unless exempt) and to sanitise your hands on entering/leaving the Church and sign in and to respect people’s personal space. Thank you.


St Thomas 200 Club Prize Winners for November: Margaret Wood will be available this weekend of 18/19 Dec after Mass for renewing or wishing to join for next year. It is £10 per number for the year, one draw, each month except for July & August. (50% of proceeds to prize winners and 50% for church funds)


Oratory Christmas Closure: Please note that the Oratory will be closed for Eucharistic Adoration from 9.00 pm on Wednesday, December 22nd until 10.30 am on Wednesday, January 5th.


Blessing of homes Jan 2022: We are reviving a beautiful tradition of the Church called “House Blessings”. As we begin a New Year, Fr Joe/Jonathan will be delighted to visit your home to offer the Lord’s blessing and protection for the year ahead. To arrange a visit, cut off the slip at the bottom of your bulletin and return with details completed as soon as possible.


Vigil Mass in St Thomas from weekend 8th January 2022: The Vigil Mass will revert back to 4pm. However, if one of the priests is away, the Mass will be cancelled.


We pray for those who have died recently Gavin Boyle, George Mc Guire, Catherine Lawless, John Michael Mooney, 1st Months Mind Helen Markey,3 months mind of Tony Mc Lachlan, 6 months mind of Brian Tinney, and for the Anniversaries of John Boyle, John & Helen CarrollMariano  Coelho, Andy Divers, Thomas Guthrie, John & Rose Farrell, James Hallan Snr, Ann Hannigan,, Vincent Hannigan, Jack Kennedy, Elizabeth Mooney, Jim & Margaret Murphy, Maureen Mc Guire, Sheila & Susan Mc Kee, Nancy Mc Kenna, James Mc

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