Mass lobby to stop DIY abortion and assisted suicide

Lobbying face to face with your MP is the most effective form of lobbying.

Now that is it possible to do so, we are holding a mass lobby of MPs onFriday 16 July or Saturday 17 July 2021. We are asking pro-life supporters up and down the country to organise a meeting with their MP, at the MP’s constituency office, on one of these dates.

Key questions to ask your MP at the face to face meeting:

1. Will your MP lobby the Secretary of State for Health in Westminster to end the dangerous DIY abortion policy which means that women can get abortion pills through the post to carry out their abortion at home?

2. Will your MP vote against any measure in Parliament to legalise assisted suicide? (This is for MPs in England and Wales only. There will shortly be a consultation in Scotland on assisted suicide.)

We have produced dedicated briefing materials to help you lobby your MP. You may have received our lobby information in the post. For those we contact by email only, you can request paper copies from our website or view them digitally.


Please let us know when you have booked your appointment with your MP. You can use the RED form on the website to let us know the details of your meeting. Or you can email SPUC at: You can also telephone us to let us know the details of your meeting by calling Katherine Hampton on: 01892 542616.

Whether your MP supports the pro-life cause, is opposed to the pro-life position or is undecided, it is important that you lobby your MP.

Now is the time for pro-lifers to speak directly to politicians. Now is the time to end to DIY abortion and protect vulnerable people from assisted suicide.

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