Parish ebulletin (26/7/20)

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Collections: 19th July


Collection Gift Aid:             £100    Collection Non-Gift Aid:    £359.00

Gift Aid Building Fund:      £110.00.

St Anthony’s:                       £28.69     Monthly Standing Orders: £1677


Weekend Masses: Saturdays @ 4pm and Sundays @ 8.30am (until further notice.) & There are still a few places available for the 8.30am Mass this weekend.

Weekday Masses: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10am. The Church will be open for Mass only:

Booking system for attending Mass: The Government 2 metre social distancing restriction, reduces our Church capacity to 27 people. Everyone therefore, will have to book to attend Mass. Please remember to assist those who do not have social media or do not use social media, to book. To book go to the parish website:

Some details about Mass: There is no bulletin. There is no holy water as you enter the Church. There will be no altar servers, readers or extra-ordinary ministers of the Eucharist. There will be no offertory procession or sign of peace. Communion will take place after the Final Blessing. After you receive Communion under one form (the host), immediately exit the back door, via the sacristy. Do not return to your seat as we are following a one-way system.  There will be a basket in the porch for your weekly contribution for the upkeep of the parish as you enter the Church and the SVDP box will be at the back door as you exit.

Guidelines from Scottish Bishops Conference: All those entering the church must wear a mask or face covering, covering your mouth and nose at all times. This is mandatory and not an option. On entering the church, please use the sanitary hand gel to clean your hands before entering the main body of the Church. You must exit by the back door via the sacristy, as we are following a one-way system and again please use the sanitary gel. The two- metre distance will be followed at all times. The stewards will disinfect your seating space after you vacate it. You cannot use the toilet and there are no votive candles.


The over 70’s are one of the categories of people who should follow Scottish Government advice about whether or not to come to Church, as are women who are pregnant and those who receive the flu jab for medical reasons. Please note that there is No Obligation to attend Sunday Mass at the moment.


July, Month of the Most Precious Blood: On Fridays of this Month, we will come together as a Parish  to pray the Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus along with the Consecration Prayer to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus at 7pm.The prayers are online and paper copies can be uplifted from the plastic pouch on the front door of the Church house. Rosary will continue on Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm.

Please pray for Eileen Turner & Hugh Carrol who died recently and John Hughes whose Anniversary occurs around now.

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