Re-opening St Thomas’ Church

Find out more about how we will re-open our church, and about the need for volunteers.

Re-opening of Churches

We would hope to re-open St Thomas Church on Sunday the 28th June for private prayer. More details to follow. However, there are some guidelines from the Bishop’s Conference.

All those entering must wear a mask or face covering, covering your mouth and nose at all times. On entering the church, please use the Sanitary Hand Gel to clean your hands. You must exit by the back door via the sacristy, as we will follow a one-way system. Please follow the instructions on entering and exiting the Church by the stewards who will guide you to your seat. The two- metre distance will be followed at all times.

Please refrain as best possible from touching your surroundings. The stewards will disinfect your seating space after you vacate it. You cannot use votive candles or the toilet.


In order to open the church, we firstly need volunteers to clean it and volunteers to act as stewards during the opening times of the Church. You can watch the video uploaded to understand what is required. All PPE will be provided by the Parish. Those who cannot be a Volunteer are anyone under 18, anyone who has underlying health conditions which require shielding and anyone who has a long-term health condition which requires the annual flu vaccination.

We should still be mindful that the over 70’s are one of the categories of people who should follow Scottish Government advice about whether or not to come to Church, as are women who are pregnant and those who receive the flu jab for medical reasons.

If you are interested please call Margaret Gillies on 07870404344.

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