Worldwide Telecasts from the Vatican

Link to the telecasts that are distributed via a series of satellites reaching television outlets and networks around the world for re-transmission to their own audiences. The global satellite distribution has been made possible through the generosity of the Knights of Columbus. The links to the information below are provided as a resource for broadcasters … [Read more…]

Fasting from the Eucharist

Fasting from the Eucharist Behold the Pierced One (pp.97-98), Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI): “When Augustine sensed his death approaching, he ‘excommunicated’ himself and undertook public penance. In his last days he manifested his solidarity with the public sinners who seek for pardon and grace through the renunciation of communion. He wanted to meet his Lord … [Read more…]

Priest School

  A BBC Scotland documentary “Priest School” will be broadcast on the new BBC Scotland channel on Sunday 19th April at 21:00. Last year, the Bishop’ Conference agreed to grant the TV production company Solus Productions access to the Pontifical Scots College in order to produce an hour-long documentary. The programme will give Scottish audiences … [Read more…]